After 5 years in design, 8 years of blogging at City Farmhouse and many decades of making I am returning to my first love, textiles.

Welcome to City Farmhouse and Co. and my first collection of fabrics named after Montauk. I have combined the casual sensibility of this iconic eastern Long Island destination, along with the hues of the coast and rich organic textures.               

I searched my soul to bring you a line that feels personal and handcrafted. I have called upon my childhood memories of this laid-back beach community and translated them into a palette that speaks of quiet days at the beach and playful patterns inspired by its simplicity. It tells of muted pink sunsets, the shades of blue found in a wave, the greens that come alive when the sun hits it just right, of the sky + water meeting to reveal a seamless and completely original combination, of dune grass that gently sways revealing new forms, and the vast array of color stories and shapes found in seashells.

This line is about being present. Being still, listening to nature and keeping your eyes wide awake to the beauty of the world and patterns within our everyday lives. It embodies the idea that splendor can be found in simple details and that the colors found outside our door can lift the imagination.